About Första

Första is one of the largest distributors in quality brands in cooking and kitchen in Benelux. We exclusively distribute A-brands like Peugeot peppermills (France), OXO kitchen tools (USA), Ooni pizzaovens (Scotland), Graef small domestic appliances (Germany) and more. Besides quality brands, we offer a large collection basic kitchen tools, like wooden spoons and cotton cooking twine. We strive for long term relationships with the brands that we represent - based on an open and personal cooperation.

Sales channels
Our customers are a.o. independent specialty stores, department stores, professional online shops and suppliers to catering companies like restaurants and institutions - in the Netherlands and Belgium. Via these channels, our brands find their way to both the consumer, as well as the professional cook in restaurants and institutions.
At Första we put full focus on our customers’ business. So that, in a competitive and continuously changing market, they know themselves supported by a reliable and firm partner. It is therefore that we offer fast and reliable deliveries, in small quantities if wished. Also with dropshipment and cross docking we support our customers to increase their stock rotation while decreasing their stock, risks and capital investment. And via our webshop, sales trainings, shelf plans and solid product knowledge, we actively support our customers in marketing and sales.

Första is a second generation family owned company. The company started in 1991 with the support of 2 pally Swedish companies. That explains our name ‘Första’, which means ‘the first’ in Swedish!

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